ArtFarmers work at ways to nurture and sustain the Creative Spirit whenever they can, wherever they are.

ArtFarm grows from curiosity about the intersection of the man-made and the natural world.

The tools of the ArtFarmer are the Eye, the Heart, the Hand.

     --The Eye stands for our perception of the world through the senses.

     --The Heart symbolizes the inner voice that filters what our senses tell us and directs the action we take.

     --The Hand represents the ability to act in the world,

Where will the Hand directed by the Heart with the help of the Eye take us?

The entries on this site are the result of ideas that have been percolating for 40 years here at ArtFarm in Northern Bucks County, PA among friends and collaborators. The Big Hope is that the creative energy generated locally might extend to a broader audience via the web.




Making Home Place

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Learn to Teach/Teach to Learn